About RESPECT and the Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services

RESPECT is a charity which provides support and funding to the Daughters of Charity Disability Service to improve the lives of people with intellectual disability by increasing their independence and allowing them to reach their full potential and live as full a life as possible.

RESPECT is the largest funder of intellectual disability and autism research in Ireland and is placing Ireland through their flagship programmes ASSISTID and the MSU-DOCTRID Hegarty Fellowship programmes which will fund up to 49 researchers between now and 2019 who will investigate how assistive technologies and other supports can increase communication, education, employment and social inclusion for people with intellectual disability or autism.

The researchers will work with the DoC to ensure the highest quality and relevance to people with ID/autism and their families. The outputs of this research will inform disability policy, enhance care and enable Ireland to become a global hub for AT research and development. RESPECT have a fundraising target of €7M over the next four years to sustain this ground breaking research.