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Dr Ken Kerr: Outgoing Fellow

Project Title: Video Modelling and Life Skills

Host Institution: Ulster University (2 years) with return phase at University College Dublin (1 yr)

Host PI: Professor Mickey Keenan, School of Psychology (UU) Prof Lizbeth Goodman, Inclusive Design Research Centre of Ireland @ SmartLab (UCD)

Home Institution: UCD


Video Modelling (VM) is a tool which is used to teach people with ID or ASD a range of life and social skills by observing a video of an individual or animated character in a specific scenario or performing a task. There is evidence that video modelling is a more effective method of teaching for both adults and children compared to observing actions in real life. However, the reasons VM is more successful for some individuals than others is not known.

This research will investigate how people learn from video by integrating the approaches of Applied Behaviour Analysis with Eye-Gaze technology, the latter which will measure the level of engagement of the individual with the video. The project will design a package of supports that increase the usage and effectiveness of Video Modelling as a viable, cost effective and sustainable intervention to improve life skills for adults with ID/ASD. The researcher will host a focus group to meet with individuals with ID/ASD and their carers to identify skills they wish to learn and create tailored VM packages for each individual.