Host Institutions

ASSISTID Fellows can undertake their research at any of the host organisations in the DOCTRID network across Ireland, the UK and the US. See the individual university pages under the Host Institutions tab for details of the expertise of each partner.

Incoming Fellowship: Researchers can come from anywhere in the world to ROI university hosts (in blue) for a 2 year fellowship.

NB: Applicants cannot be residing in ROI for more than 12 months in the 3 years previous to application deadline.

Outgoing Fellowship: Researchers from ROI universities  (in blue) go to non-ROI university hosts (in red-Northern Ireland/UK and USA-or another suitable host as approved by the DOCTRID Research Board) for a 2 year outgoing phase plus a 1 year return phase to an ROI university host (in blue).

NB: Outgoing Applicants must be resident in ROI at the time of the application deadline and must be either ROI nationals or long term residents. A Long Term Resident is defined as a researcher who has spent a period of full-time research activity of at least 3 consecutive (without breaks in research) years in ROI. 

Contacting the host organisations

Applicants are expected to make contact with their host organisation of interest as early as possible to discuss the proposed research project. Engaging with the potential host supervisor will help to develop a competitive proposal which will reflect the expertise being offered by the host institution and the specific training and career development which the applicant will receive. The proposal should convey the collaborative benefits of the project and the desire of both host and applicant to work together. Please note that the project must be written and submitted by the applicant and not the host organisation. However, proposals which have had no input or communication with the host organisation are not expected to be successful.