Ulster University

The Institute of Psychology is located within the Faculty of Life and Health Sciences at the University of Ulster.

The Institute conducts internationally recognised research within four groups: Psychological Epidemiology and Mental Health; Peace, Conflict and Equality; Behavioural Neuroscience and Health Psychology. Members of the Institute have attracted research income of over 4 Million pounds since 2008 with over 2.5 million of this coming from Research Councils. This includes money from the ESRC, MRC, The National Institute of Health, National Institute of Health Research, European Framework 7 as well as numerous other sources.

Keywords: Applied Behaviour Analysis; Multimedia development; Autism; Education

State of the art experimental facilities have been purpose built to support our behavioural neuroscience researchers and a SRIF 3 funded upgrade of human experimental facilities has strengthened our group research infrastructure. A large and active group of postgraduate students plays a fundamental part in our research programmes and there are currently many postgraduate research opportunities available for prospective students.

UU is currently lead partner in a multimedia project for teaching behavior analysis and its applications to autism. The project involves a number of other partners from across Europe (see www.stamppp.com). The Institute of Psychology offers Masters level training in Applied Behaviour Analysis for the treatment of autism, with placement opportunities at the New England Center for Children.

  • Key Contacts

    Professor Mickey Keenan (m.keenan@ulster.ac.uk), Professor of Behaviour Analysis, Psychology Research Institute. Dr Mickey Keenan is a lecturer in psychology at the University of Ulster. He joined UU in 1985 and specialises in the field of behaviour analysis. His work in helping children with Autism has won him international acclaim in recent years and a BBC Making a Difference Award in 2002. In 1997 he established Parents’ Education as Autism Therapists (PEAT), a local charity to empower parents of children with autism using Applied Behaviour Analysis. His work has brought University research into the community, helping over 200 children throughout Ireland. He has published widely in a number of areas including experimental, conceptual and applied behaviour analysis. One of his books, Parents’ Education as Autism Therapists, was written in partnership with parents and has received global recognition. Prof Keenan is a member of the Autism Advisory Board of the Cambridge Centre for Behavioural Studies. He graduated in Psychology from the University of Ulster in 1976 and received his PhD in 1982. From 1984-85 he held a European Exchange Fellowship from the Royal Society of London to research at the University of Cologne, Germany, before returning to UU. Dr Keenan is receiving a Distinguished Community Fellowship from the University of Ulster. Dr. Keenan and Dr. Gallagher are consultants for the development of multimedia teaching material in Applied Behaviour Analysis (www.simplestepsautism.com)